Recording session with Dougie Andrews.

Linda and Craig's Garden House where most of the recording sessions took place.

Garden House Studio Dougie.jpg

Here some nerdy stuff: Logic Pro X was used on a Mac Book Pro with a Steinberg UR44 interface, which gives us 24bit/192kHz quality.


Screenshot 2019-10-25 at 14.48.50.png

The main vocal mic used was an AKG P420 - which I got second hand from Vern ( thank you) 

Calum Gordon on drums!

His musicality and sound very much shaped the overall feel of the album. 


The 5 string fretless bass that was given to me by Steve Agnew is to be heard on most of the tracks where I play bass. Either the Ventura Fretless or a 4 string fretted bass by the same manufacturer.