Here you will find some details about the recording process and the space it took place in. 

To give you an impression of the high quality of the album, the first minutes of some of the songs have been edited here together  with some local visual material.

The space where the recordings took place is quite exceptional. The wooden floor and high ceiling give a warm sound with a bright ambiance, that is contained by a wall of books. It is a quiet street, so disturbance is minimal. 

An Unplugged event at 23 George Street

The recording equipment was relatively low tech and simple and much of it was borrowed. A Steinberg interface and condenser microphone came from Mike Bowden, a fretless five string bass from Steve Agnew, an accordion from Susan Innes, an AKG mic from Dougie Andrews, and a ton of equipment from John Moncur.  

Setting up for Big Vern

The workhorse of the studio was the Breedlove AD25/SM acoustic guitar, which features in many of the recordings. 

It has a solid Sitka spruce top and solid mahogany-back, and a great sounding Fishman Classic IV pickup

Paul playing the Breedlove

Most audio went through one of the two Pronomic CM - 100 condenser microphones. The 32 mm gold plated  diaphragm must have something to do with the surprisingly good quality of this inexpensive microphone.

This five string bass was made fretless by Steve Agnew and can be heard on most of the tracks. It has the word 'Ventura' on it. 


Wikipedia: 'Ventura was a brand of stringed instruments imported from Japan by C. Bruno and Company during the 1960s and 1970s. C. Bruno was bought by Kaman (Ovation) in the early 1980s, after which the brand disappeared.'