The Musicians as featured on the album

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Tom Houston’s new single I Am the River is released on the 11th October 2019 and also features on a compilation Album The East Neuk Originals (George Street Sessions Vol 11).

Tom has just returned from a 2019 summer tour of Canada where he played from Montreal to Salt Spring Island. He then performed at both Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival and the Fringe of the Fringe in Edinburgh. He has three solo Albums and two with the band davesnewbike.

I Am the River features Mary Erskine (aka Me For Queen) on vocals/Cello and Lukas Drinkwater on Double Bass.

Tom Houston


A lot has happened since Tower Blocks appeared on the first GSS album.  It was written in early 2000 whilst Neil was working as an office clerk in a soulless office block topped with towers resembling Darth Vader’s helmet. He spent his lunch breaks wandering around the complex variously daydreaming and being appalled by the repetitive depressing concrete ugliness of it all. Now it is more personal... Breeze of Your Rage.

https://neilfrasermusic. online

Neil Fraser 


Come Comfort Me Love


Saskia recorded her album Ocean of Stars in Cellardyke and returns regularly to play in the East Neuk. These are some of her most personal lyrics - sung with an intensity that matches the skill of her  vocal harmonising. 


"In the depths of despair and agony there seems to be at least the possibility of a shining light. This song lets it unfold, and calling it forth, it surrounds  us with grace." 

Saskia Griffiths - Moore


No Bridges ...a timeless tale ...

Eden Mac

Don't Let Me Down

"I'm not writing anything so Clive can do it, but he's not writing anything so you'll just have to listen".

This is what Chris could have said, but he didn't, so I wasn't going to write it, but then I thought - why not, because he hadn't said it. 

Chris Peebles

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Band of Rain

A song about life, death, friendship, sorrow, religion, drinking, dancing and the weather...

Luke Ivens

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 'The Sparrows of George Street'

 It is my custom to take a walk early every morning along   George Street to Cellardyke Harbour. I became intrigued by a   very noisy crowd of sparrows that accompanied on my walk   and I have written this poem to say something about their   nature and how they contribute to Cellardyke.

 Iain Gray

 Read by Clive Russell

Iain Gray         Clive Russell


Tree or Bird 


This song was inspired by my parents’ marriage. The lyrics tell of a young newlywed couple who move to the countryside. Throughout the piece, the wife is haunted by her inner monologue and constantly worries if her husband will stay and grow roots with her or fly away like a bird.

Esther Richards


Drifting Leaves


The song came to me while observing a couple at a bar who were totally devoid of conversation and appeared to be madly in love with their mobile phones... thought occurred to me they must have had something nice together at some point but clearly an honest conversation was needed... and time to face down reality n move on. Drifting bye... in the sky... like Autumn leaves.

Ricky Rooney

Out of Control

To reflect the development of the song it was decided to credit Two Sides with with composition (Kaelah Fairclough and Haydn Reilley, both 13 years old at the time of recording).

Starting initially as a composition by Kaelah, the song metamorphosed into its present form through a creative team effort which, apart from Haydn, also included Fiona McKenna and Clive Gray


Facebook ;Two Sides

Two Sides


Snowing in Berlin 


It was December 2017 and I was looking out a window at Berlin Schonefeld airport. Planes were being defrosted and cleared following overnight snow and I doubted my flight would be on schedule. I reflected on another wonderful visit to this most eclectic city, seeing family, friends, old and new haunts, following the ghost of Bowie........Ich muss bald zurückkehren.

Dougie Andrews


Hebridean Day 

A song about an idyllic day my brother and I were privileged to experience crewing on a yacht from Canna to Coll in the inner Hebrides

John Myles


Gypsy Blues 

"The track was originally written in an acoustic gypsy style but when Clive suggested I use drums I thought if I’m playing with a drummer I have to do it on my les Paul. The track itself  is a tribute to my own love for both blues and gypsy music with a wee touch of me thrown in for posterity". 

(And 20 points if you spot what is not right with the photo {or the text})

Richard Francis Parkinson (Scruff)

Stumble and Fall

What if you were the asylum seeker?



Mike Bowden and the A 917




SP stands for Short Piece

Jim Tribble

Dale Radley

"Heal was born about 18years ago as I was edging into adulthood. Looking back I realise it was a dark time where I was searching for answers out with myself whilst ignoring the deeper issues within. Through writing this song and collaborating with musicians, I found the power of connection through music to be very healing. I felt compelled to revisit this song for the album as its mantra still resonates strong. The creative process with Neil and Clive has been a positive focus as I explore new aspects of healing".


If There's Hope

This is a bonus track. It is added on to track 16 after the sound of genuine Cellardyke sparrows. It has Jim Tribbles' SP41 at its core, yet with a shorter intro.


The melody and lyrics were written by Clive Gray. Inspired by the melancholia of Jim's composition.


Chris' interpretation is a brilliant but ruthlessly honest shout out.     

Chris Peebles