VOLUME 2 is out - More info on Vol. II page

June 2019

Production of  VOLUME 2 has begun.
Linda and Craig Thomson of George Street have kindly let me convert their  garden house into a Studio for a few months. Some recording also happened at Pam Moncur's house and at Neil Fraser's and Calum's.  Without the support of so many wonderful people this project would not be possible. 

2018 -2019

By Clive Gray


It was a very busy year with the production of published albums by Jim Tribble, Neil Fraser, and Saskia Griffiths - Moore (to be released in March 2019). Also a track for Mike Bowden's contribution to the Jock's Juke Joint compilation, and an album for Scruff & Jeff in a limited private edition, just as I had done for Ricky Rooney in November 2017 - 'Seven Songs of Solace'.  

All these productions were done with a Pop-up studio in the property of friends, who kindly let us use their houses as a recording studio. So, many thanks to John Moncur (Neil Fraser ), Susan Innes (Saskia), Pam Moncur (Saskia), Neil Fraser & Nick Fry (Neil Fraser), Richard Parkinson (Scruff & Jeff),  and the Cellardyke town hall where Mike Bowden and Band were recorded. All post production mixing and mastering took place in 7 George Street (with some mastering done at Abbey Road Studios).

Many are asking if there will the be a



the answer is YES

Foreword - Postscript

Clive Gray 


To produce a CD with all the musicians who played live in the East Neuk was first mentioned to me by Roy Mcintosh while sitting in the Boathouse in Anstruther in 2015. It remained just an idea until Jo Hilton suggested that the rooms in George Street could be used to record an album while she and Chris Oliver were away on holiday for two weeks in the summer of 2017. Three months later the album was finished. Chris and Jo had generously allowed the production to use the rooms from September to Christmas. They were not only gracious, generous hosts, but also helped with their media experience to promote the CD once it was released. 

Now that the CD has been out for a few months, it becomes clear that the music community in the East Neuk of Fife has a lot more to contribute. On the NEW PROJECTS 2018 page of this site, the work of the George Street Sessions musicians will be presented as it develops.

FEB 2018      

'The CD' by Billy Briggs

"I’m an amateur musician from the East Neuk who gained the confidence to play in public for the first time recently after encouragement from some of the supremely talented musicians on this album. I chose to record Times Like These by the Foo Fighters after hearing a wonderful cover by the late Glen Campbell. It’s a song of hope and Campbell’s version uplifted me greatly following the death of my brother Nick, who died aged 40 on 19th December 2016. Nick worked as a sound engineer and sang in bands and this song is dedicated to his memory."